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In the internet economy every real estate professional and investor needs a real estate website.

The easiest, quickest and cheapest way to build your own website, with no help from anyone, is to build a blog. 

I’m going to show you how to build your own real estate website and use it as the foundation of your internet and social media marketing strategy. Everything you do will flow through to your website so it’s important that you get it right. 

In the past this would have been an expensive and time consuming exercise. You would have needed html programming skills or a web developer to build your site. 

Not any more. 

Welcome to the world of WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) technology. 

Now you can build and publish your own website even if you have absolutely zero programming and web development skills. 

I now use blog systems as my primary websites. It’s much cheaper than hiring a webmaster, designer and database developer (at a cost of thousands of dollars) you can publish your own blog site in just a few minutes. 

It’s a much cheaper alternative to building a web site. 

Another cool thing about blogs is that thousands of third party developer support the major blog platforms and have created amazing applications and plug-ins that you get to use for free. 

It’s just like your cell phone. Remember the day when you used your phone for making and receiving calls? Well now it’s also a PDA, a camera, a calculator and so much more. 

That’s what’s happened to blogs. They’ve evolved from simple blogs to sophisticated websites but maintained their user friendliness. 

Just like the Model-T Ford brought transport to the working man, so too has the blog brought websites to the people. 

Here’s how you do it! 

The easiest, quickest and cheapest way to build your own website, with no help from anyone, is to build a blog. 

The cool part is that your blog doesn’t need to look like a blog. It can look like a normal website if you use a blog theme. 

Take my website for example, The site is built on simple blog technology and has been customized to look less like a blog and more like a traditional website. 

Blog software is incredibly cheap – starting at FREE. 

The most popular blog systems act as a content management system with an idiot proof dashboard that allows you to publish content in just a few minutes. 

There are two types of blog systems that you can use.

i.          Hosted Blog Platforms 

The first system is a hosted system where you simply log onto the blog platform and create a blog that is hosted by the platform. This means you don’t need to know anything about hosting a site, uploading software of managing a server. All you do is type your posts like you were typing a Microsoft word document. 

The two systems that I recommend are Blogger and WordPress

Blogger is owned by Google so not surprisingly it features well in search engine rankings. It’s a turnkey blog solution that includes all the search engine optimized (SEO) tools and features.

In no time your blog will appear on Google and can be found by the rest of the world.

To get your own blog, go to and create an account. When you name your blog make sure it is relevant to the content that will appear in your blog. As an example, if your business is focused on downtown condos in Dallas, you may elect to call the blog “Downtown Dallas Condos” and your blog address would be

To show you how easy it is to do, take a look at the blog I set up in five minutes at

You can do exactly the same thing with WordPress and set up a blog on WordPress’s hosted platform. The only difference is that your address would be

Now I have a special tip for you. 

You can set up your own WordPress blog on, a real estate platform that has been designed specifically for the real estate industry. The huge advantage to this is your blog comes fully loaded with all the essential plug-ins and widgets and is already loved by the search engines. The reason the search engines already love your blog is because it sits on a keyword rich domain that is fully SEO optimized and already gets a ton of visitor. 

If you’re going to get a blog you might as well get one that already gets traffic and is built for your industry. 

Just go to and set up your blog. You’ll be up and running in 10 minutes – but watch out for all that delicious Google juice. 

ii.         Host Your Own Blog 

The second type of blogging system allows you to host your blog on your own server. 

There are considerable advantages to hosting you own blog, not least of which is that you have complete control of your website. The disadvantage is that you do need some technical knowledge to set up your hosting account and install WordPress on your server but it doesn’t take long to learn how to do it yourself. It’s also cheap to hire someone to do an installation. 

I only recommend one standalone blogging system. I only recommend WordPress. 

You can set up a new blog and be up and running in 15 minutes. Just go to and download the software. Your hosting company may also have a One Click Application that allows you to upload WordPress from your hosting account. 

If you need a hosting company I recommend I’ve tried many hosting companies and Media Temple has been the most helpful and reliable. 

We use their grid server account as it allows me to host an unlimited number of websites and email accounts for just $20 a month. 

The best thing about hosting your own WordPress blog is that you can use a customized theme and add incredibly useful applications, called plug ins, to your blog. This is because Word Press is supported by thousands of third party applications and widget developers. 

The main website is built on an enterprise level WordPress platform called WordPress MU. We use a very clean and simple theme called Frugal that you can purchase for $39 to $149, depending on how many websites will use the theme. 

We also have dozens of other websites built on another theme called Studio Press. Real Estate Advocate is built on a Studio Press theme. Studio Press is a little technical but it has a number of excellent real estate themes. 

There it is! It’s that easy to set up your own website.

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